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Filip Acovic Brings Gritty Versions of Batman, Mario and More to Life [Art]
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My take on cameron-stewart & babsdraws  Batgirl :)

Black Canary Gets Animated, Again


Dinah, Dinah, Dinah how I love you. Dinah Laurel Lance or Drake depending on what world/age/event we are now in or past, is the second longest running female superhero in DC Comics IP (do you even have to “wonder” who is number one?)

Black Canary is, I believe, currently about to be homeless in the new 52. Oh wait, I forgot Futures’ End where she is homed, face only, on the chest of Frankenstein.

Yeah. Moving on …

In addition to her long comic history, Black Canary has appeared in multiple live action programs (Birds of Prey, Smallville and currently Arrow) and she’s also been in the modern DC Animated Universe as part of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited/Batman Brave and the Bold and Young Justice). She also appeared in the Green Arrow short that was tagged on to the end of Superman/Batman Apocalypse.

And now she is back in animation in a new round of DC Nation animated shorts (aside: they are still making these? And, um, hello where is Super Best Friends Forever, season 2?). Green Arrow is the star but is his partner. And her design is … interesting. Care to weigh in?

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exploring different cartoon illustration styles; quite a fun challenge!
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my fav atomic wonder women
#sketch_dailies !   #WONDERWOMAN !
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Power Sword Mix Up by *ArtistAbe

She-Man & He-Ra
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Justice League United #1
The Bat-Man first appeared in Detective Comics #27 seventy-five years ago (March 30th, 1939). 
[background photo via New York Daily News]
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